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Are you Race Ready? Being prepared is key going into a race, make sure you are “race ready” on the big day with these 8 essential items. #1 : Your watercraft: It all depends on what you have been training on and ready to perform your best at. This could be from prone, to stand up to OC1, OC2 and more. Try to train on that particular craft for at least a month before the day of the race. You want to build that relationship and know every movement you have together so there are no surprises.   West Coast Paddle Sports...

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How to STOP and TURN your paddle board. An easy and efficient way to stop the momentum of your paddle board and turn the nose towards the opposite direction you must "Back Paddle".  By following these Key Points, you will be able to conduct a Back Paddle efficiently while feeling balanced and confident.  Move the paddle towards the side of the board in which you want to turn your nose.  Place the blade into the water behind you right next to the rail. Then submerge the entire blade into the water until it is not visible.  While keeping your knees...

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