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The LAVA all-round SUP paddle is for padders who need a paddle for all occasions. This versatile, lightweight and strong full carbon SUP paddle shares much of the same DNA as our race & surfing lines, the result is a high-performance paddle for recreational stand up paddlers, surfing one day, cruising the next & racing at the weekend. The Lava blade was designed to be a little more forgiving & suit a less aggressive & lower cadence paddle stroke. Available in Fixed, Adjustable & 3-Piece Adjustable the Lava caters to all riders in all conditions.

The Lava SUP paddle blade is designed to correct poor alignment often associated with poor technique, fatigue and injury. Our proprietary Scooped Dihedral shaping holds the water securely through the power phase of the stroke. Lateral blade movement is eliminated and the toe shaping provides an efficient and smooth release. The extension of the tapered scoop towards the toe ensures that the paddle remains stable and delivers power even if the blade is not fully immersed. The moderate 10° blade angle promotes an a smooth paddle stroke and a little more comfort than the Hydro. For the Lava we wanted a little more blade flex so the Power Ridge is more subtle than on the Hydro or Surge. The ridge increases paddle stiffness both vertically and laterally while also adding strength. We smoothed out all edges to increase safety, increase strength and reduce board damage.
The Lava SUP paddles comes with our new regular diameter Reflex 90% carbon shaft. Built in 3k pre-preg carbon we worked on improving the flex pattern while maintaining the light weight and durability of previous models. The smooth matte finish is great for grip and the medium flex generates power and reacts quicker than other shafts. Our shafts are engineered to protect your body so that you can paddle for longer without suffering fatigue or injury.