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Night Paddle Board Tour Manta Rays


Lights attract plankton, plankton attracts the marine life we observe through your viewing window on our evolutionary SUP's!

LightSUP Hawaii is a next level human experience that combines the stoke of SUP with the views of snorkeling, day or night. 

The coral reef we explore and marine life we admire are the most healthy and abundant in Hawaii.   

Our guides share their knowledge of the reef's secret treasures you're seeing in your window and their experience gives us the best opportunity to see the marine life below. Yet, Mother Nature is always in charge out there and we do not guarantee marine life encounters. 

Help us be the change we want to see on the reef, experience our one of a kind SUP's with illuminated snorkeling views and of course, our world famous LightSUP Hawaii Aloha!

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Costa Rica Paddle Board Vacations


Experience one of the most epic adventure weeks in all of America’s. Located 2 and a half hours from San Jose surrounded by beautiful rivers, lush rainforest, and two active volcanoes in the town of Turrialba. Still a secret to heavy touristy crowds and home to Costa Rica’s best-kept secrets in natural wonders, culture, and adventure. This tucked-away little mountain town has many comparing the vibe to a Central American version of Bend, Durango, Boulder, or Moab in their early days. 

The raging rivers are what put Turrialba in the conversation of professional paddlers and just in recent years the show of the Turrialba volcano with it’s eruptions.  Most importantly this setting offers a week of adventure and the true essence of Costa Rica. You will avoid touristy crowds and immerse yourself in the authentic side of Costa Rica.

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