Join us for our 1ST Happy Hour Event at the

West Coast Paddle Sports Shop

4360 Morena Blvd Suite 130

Friday July 22st from 5:30PM - 7:00PM.

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  • Light snacks and beverages provided
  • BYO adult libation
  • Free Massages and more!

Join Pro To Col Sport System and West Coast Paddle Sports to learn about cross training for your favorite paddling activity.

Pro To Col Sport Systems is a sports rehabilitation clinic that uses a systematic approach to get active people out of chronic pain and back in life’s playing field. They have a team of rehabilitation specialists that use an integrative approach across all disciplines. They work with the client to create a systematic PROTOCOL of manual therapy, rehabilitation and training that empowers them to understand how to be pain-free. Their #1 goal is that the client is heard, helped, educated and empowered.

Over time, bad posture and overuse patterns eventually cause injury or breakdown to the body. At Pro To Col Sport Systems, they educate the client to reduce pain and injury through focusing on the body’s foundational firing patterns.  Movement, whether correct or incorrect, becomes subconscious. Their job is to focus the client’s awareness on what to do to create new patterns of movement that activate the correct muscle groups, to make them stronger, reduce pain and prevent future injuries.

When their clients walk in the doors at Pro To Col Sport Systems, they can expect a personalized and tailored experience that combines our systems and protocols to make the client the best they can be. They want the client to leave feeling heard, helped, empowered, and educated, and confident to correct their movement in their daily life, movement and athletic activity.