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On It Pro has introduced a rider tested and pro endorsed package of two amazing products:

1.Xtreme Cream (XC) utilizes Aurora Marine's proprietary polymer VS721, a high-tech polymer bond to increase speed by over 15% by reducing friction on the surface of the product touching the water. XC is now formulated and packaged by On It Pro for surfers and paddlers. It resists salt and dirt and gives the surface a beautiful protective shine to keep your investment looking like new while increasing performance. XC's high-tech polymer base bonds with the epoxy or polyester resin surface lasting over two months.

2.Blue Goo removes the toughest dirt, grime, stains, scuff marks, minor scratches, oxidation and salt build-up. It's deep cleaning action preps the surface for the application of Xtreme Cream high performance bottom coating. Blue Goo utilizes Hypexine, a heavy duty stain buster and oxidation remover that is gentle to the surface. Products with Hypexine are widely used in the marine industry to rid yachts and pleasure craft of stains that cannot be removed by other products.
Use for: SUP's, Surfboards, Outrigger Canoes, Kayaks or any epoxy or poly fiberglass surface.
Pack Includes:
1- 4 oz. Bottle of Xtreme Cream
1-4 oz. Bottle of Blue Goo