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Attention surfers, skaters, sport fans, beach and ocean lovers: we are all under the extreme heat, blazing sun and need perfect hydration!

That’s why we came up with our crisp Surfwater, available in both sparkling and still editions! 

Our good ol’ H20 is a healthy option, filled with electrolytes, and a perfectly balanced pH – an excellent combination for rehydration after shreddin’ the gnar or working out and breaking a sweat. 

The best part about Surfwater is its eco-friendly initiative. Served in a zero plastic aluminum water bottle, our product is infinitely recyclable as we refuse to contribute to the single-use plastic issue prevalent all around the world. 

Finished with your Surfwater?  No problem. Thanks to our screw cap, reuse your Surfwater aluminum bottle up to 50 times while knowing you did your part in keeping our beaches and oceans free of plastic. 

Based in San Diego, our Surfwater embodies all things California offers, from dazzling sunsets, classic cars, immaculate weather and fun waves.

Enjoy our great vibes while tasting the pure, fresh and crisp flavors of Surfwater, your active lifestyle water.