Surfco Outrigger Canoe Marine Grip Panel

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Designed by master canoe builder Sonny Bradley. Used on all his racing canoes.

The Outrigger Canoe Marine Grip panels have excellent nonabrasive wet grip. Some paddlers are wearing rubber reef walkers with the grip tape for maximum wet grip. Currently they are using on the floor, wax, foam pads, abrasive grip tape, carpet, or nothing. The Marine Grip will last many years and will keep the floor of the canoe clean. The plastic water scoop used to bail water from the canoe, does not stick to the mats.
The Outrigger Canoe Marine Grip enhances the look and performance of the canoe.

This kit includes two (2) 10" wide by 24" long left and right panels with curved front and back. Recommend one (1) set per seat.  Six (6) sets are recommended for typical six (6) man canoes. 

Available in grey and translucent white.