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We paddle. And we know what SUP accessories we have accumulated over the years and have floating around in our cars and backpacks for morning treks, races, yoga, dog-accompanied journeys and beyond.

We also know what its like when the one thing you need to get on the water can’t be found. Whether it got used up, never was purchased, or (most likely) you simply can’t find it. A gear mess can ruin a sesh!

The SUPvivalKit Solves That!

It has the things you would expect to find. It even has some random stuff you may never need...but your paddle buddy who just lost a fin screw, got caught in fishing line, dinged their board, & gets lost in a fog bank will be stoked you have it! We created the SUPvivalKit to solve our own challenges, and hopefully yours too! GET IT NOW!

The SUPvivalKit has all the essentials a Stand-Up Paddleboarder needs, each dropped-in to its own compartment! Be prepared for anything - on and off the water.

    1x “Solarez®” Epoxy Ding Kit
    1x "Puka Patch" Ding Sticker
    1x Compass
    1x Leash String
    2x Small Fin Screws (FF+FCS)

    1x Waterproof Dry Bag
    1x Safety Whistle
    1x SPF 15 Lip Balm
    1x SPF 30 Sunscreen
    1x Large Fin Plate & Screw

    1x Swiss Utility Knife (w. screwdriver)
    1x Roll Paddle Tape
    1x Paddle Wax Comb
    1x Light/Glow Stick
    1x Fin/Skeg Key

Space for Surf Accessories to Surfive! Its the greatest surf gift ever!