PADDLE SURF HAWAII - 2024 RIPPER - PCX 9'1" X 30" 135L

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by Terry Chung

Experience wave-riding perfection with the 2024 Ripper by Paddle Surf Hawaii, crafted in collaboration with Terry Chung. Unveiling PCX Tech, a groundbreaking innovation, for unrivaled performance. Conquer waves confidently with enhanced stability, speed, and control, and elevate your paddle surfing with the ultimate fusion of form, function, and Terry Chung's expertise.


A fusion of innovation and surfing excellence

Crafted in collaboration with the visionary Terry Chung, this lineup sets new standards in performance.

Engineered with PCX Tech, a revolutionary breakthrough, the Ripper embodies unprecedented wave-riding mastery. Its versatile SUP Surf outline, perfected by Terry Chung, propels you through various conditions with confidence and grace.

Experience the Ripper's enhanced stability, swift maneuverability, and water release, courtesy of expertly designed bottom contours. From its increased nose rocket to the harmonious blend of concaves, every detail reflects Terry Chung's influence.

Step onto the Ripper and relish in an extraordinary wave-riding experience. Embrace a seamless fusion of form, function, and the boundless expertise of Terry Chung. Elevate your sup surfing adventures with the 2024 Ripper.


Terry Chung:

The mastermind behind
our 2024 PCX Ripper's brilliance 

With a legacy of expertise and innovation, Terry's influence shines through every detail of this paddleboard lineup. His meticulous design approach ensures optimal performance in diverse conditions – a signature trait seen in every curve and contour.

From pioneering SUP surf outlines to revolutionary bottom contours, Terry's creative ingenuity sets the 2024 Ripper apart.

This partnership marks the marriage of skill and passion, enriching your sup surfing experience with unprecedented mastery.


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