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Xtreme Cream Performance/Speed Enhancer/Sealer Polymer 8oz

Used by Pros in many water sports and works for any finish including a dull sand finish, Xtreme Cream, seals (No Water Migration), protects and reduces friction on the surface of your watercraft.

Xtreme Cream increases speed by reducing friction on the surface by over 15%! Xtreme Cream is FASTER THAN ANY HYDROPHILLIC (attracts water) COATINGS, SANDED OR ROUGHED UP FINISHES, 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Tested and used in the extreme conditions of high-performance offshore racing community for improved performance and handling XC, is now formulated and packaged by On It Pro for surfers and paddlers. Use for better response, reduced paddle fatigue, access to bigger waves and more radical tricks. It resists salt and dirt and gives the surface a beautiful protective shine to keep your investment looking like new. Your sand finish will almost look like a gloss coat, but will be much faster!

Go Higher Go Faster Go Further Go Longer