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Joe Shaw Biography:

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and having worked 30 years at Ford Motor Company, Joe retired and decided to pursue his interest in airbrushing. He uses a lot of his time to explore and intensify his artistic abilities, as well as to network with other artists as a member of the Pinole Artisans of California.

One day in Monterey, CA Joe saw several murals that looked like photographs. Joe, a former muralist himself, was interested in the techniques used and took a basic class on airbrushing where he learned about the airbrush as a tool. From there, Joe explored airbrush painting with more intensity, detail, and with a "fantasy like" interpretation of everyday images. Only in the past couple of years has he been creating work so detailed and unique that it instantly captures your attention.

Joe takes a photograph of things that will inspire his paintings and serve as a reference for details. Nature's creations, photographs, calendar landscapes, and other images are often brought together in his paintings. He often layers several images to create dimension. Using eye-catching colors and objects, drawn through the layers of images, reveal detail where the color and depth flourish.