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Born To Rock Jewelry Birthstone Paddle board Necklace

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Taissa is a jewelry engineer and designer. She has been designing jewelry since 2002 for jewelry brands in Brazil, Italy, and the United States. Alexandre is a passionate athlete that loves all kinds of sports and outdoor activities.

In January 2018, when they were about to have their first and only baby boy, Taissa decided to open an online store to start selling all the amazing designs she had created, as well as her own signature collections. That allowed her to work from home to take care of their son, while Alexandre was taking care of their other business.

Working together on the weekends, they started selling jewelry at art shows and street fairs throughout California. Selling jewelry directly to customers at markets was an enlightening experience and a great opportunity to truly comprehend and cater to customers’ tastes and preferences.

Based on that experience and Alexandre's love for sports, they had the idea to create a more meaningful and personalized jewelry collection, and that is how BORN TO ROCK came about. A family-owned jewelry brand that rocks! Inspired by love, sports and their lifestyle.

Get ready to be noticed! Wear magic, wear energy, and wear it as a reminder of your powers and passions. Never forget what you were born to be, to love, and to do.