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Stay hydrated. Take your water with you. Leave no trash behind. The co-branded Cali Paddler and West Coast Paddle Sports reusable water bottle in vibrant blue.

Holds approximately 20 oz.

West Coast Paddle Sports Giving Away Reusable Water Bottles with Cali Paddler at Hanohano Ocean Challenge:

In January 2019, it had been announced that Cali Paddler would be teaming up with Hanohano Ocean Challenge for a second year to bring #cpBlueBuckets. Placed throughout for recyclables as well as for impromptu beach cleanups, this will help ensure our paddling landfill impact is minimal and beaches are clean. It was also announced that there would be refillable water stations again for paddlers to stay hydrated. Great news as paddlers strive to reduce single-use plastic water bottles and be good stewards.

But what do paddlers use for those refill stations if they don't have a reusable water bottle? Enter West Coast Paddle Sports! After reading the article, they decided to step-up and be part of the solution.

"I got a call a few hours after the article came out from Todd at West Coast Paddle Sports. He wanted to make sure paddlers could take advantage of the water-fill stations," retells Clarke Graves of Cali Paddler. "He suggested teaming up to get some reusable water bottles designed and ready to give out to paddlers." The two companies only had a week, but the enthusiasm to support the race's efforts made up for the short time-frame.

"As an Event Director, I strive to minimize our impact on the venue and the surrounding environment. As an Ohana of paddlers, we should all be stewards of our playground" said Dan Van Dyck, the race director for the Hanohano Huki Ocean Challenge. "I love it when our partners and vendors step up to share the responsibilities of reducing waste and recycling. Not only reducing our impact but improving our experience."

For this race, there will be 72 water-bottles to give out for free to registrants. Todd Capizzo of West Coast Paddle Sports stated "We know that won't cover everyone, but we will be getting more for events in the future as well. We will also have a water-fill station at our booth to complement the stations the race is also offering."

Interested in getting a re-usable paddler water bottle? Come down to the West Coast Paddle Sports shop!