Hamboards Beginner HHOP Cruiser SS Skate Pole Kit

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Our skate poles (also called land paddles or skate sticks) have been hard tested and proven.  The 45 inch long Huntington Hop cruiser sits low and is our most stable. longboard.  The Street Sweeper skate pole comes in three rider sizes, is adjustable and has all the flex and strength you'll need to push for miles and miles. This skate pole has a durable molded plastic handle and a replaceable SK8 tip for superior grip.  And, we're gifting a free Under Armour moisture wicking hat and a cool die cut sticker.  

Please consider joining the "SUPSKATE USA" Facebook Group to connect with others and learn about cool places to ride, the latest in competitive events and learn about gear.  It's a safe, supported community, moderated carefully by people who want to help grow this sport.  Someday you might find yourself skating a 5K, 10K, marathon or even the 24 Hour Ultra Skate!  

Choose the color board you want and and then your height.