Summer is over and so are the crowds.  The water and air are cooling off.  Race season is pretty much over, but the winter surf is starting to show.  It's time for some to check their equipment from a hard season of paddling and get all the repairs done before you store it all away.  Or it is time to make sure your equipment is in tip-top shape for some great wave riding sessions.  There are many YouTube Videos out there for you to learn to do your own repairs.  There are excellent repair shops to give you that professional quality work.

Check your leashes for frays and cracks and replace them now.  Check your leash string for wear and tear and replace it.  Check your fins and fin boxes for signs of leakage.  Check your paddle shaft, blade and handle for signs of wear.  A compromised paddle WILL break at some point in time.  Don't let it be on your next big drop.

Most of all be sure you are in good physical shape to handle the large swell, cold water and dangerous conditions that are just ahead.

Be safe and happy paddling.