SUP Surfers Know How To…

Party. As you know, I run weekend surf trips to Northern Baja. And one thing that I can say for certain is that SUP surfers know how to have a good time. A recent Baja Weekender trip with the Salty Sistas confirmed this theory.

The things that the group understood and took full advantage of was that they had a personal designated driver, bodyguard, tour guide and surf guide for the entire weekend. What would you do with that kind of knowledge?

Here’s just a few things that got my seal of approval for the now Baja Weekender veterans…

Surf Til You Drop
“The first one to come in is the one that waits the longest.” Those are my last words before the group heads out for their first session. It took almost two hours before one of them came in and another 45 for the last person to come in. They didn’t paddle out, sit and wait. No. There seemed to be at least one person for every wave that came in. They best part about watching from the cliff while I was shooting was watching them all kill it! Without a doubt their wave count quotas were met.

Street-Side Breakfast Burritos and Beer
I’ve had a few vegans and gluten-free surfers on my Baja Weekender trips before but to order up the street-side breakfast burritos from our girl America at K-36 Burritos was a big deal in my eyes. The gluten-free crew knew that the contents of the burritos were going to be delicious so they ordered up the burritos and peeled off the high octane gluten flour tortilla and chowed down. Big thumbs up.

Each group gets a case of beer with their trip. This group didn’t finish their case but for good reason. After lunch on Saturday, they went on the hunt for some Mexican brewed tequila. Once they found it, it was game on. They paced themselves though. They knew if the winds backed off a bit they were going to surf again. The wind never backed down. Cheers.

Food And Dancing
After warning the ladies to pace themselves with the chips and guacamole before dinner, I figured they wouldn’t be able to pull off finishing their lobster special at Vista al Mar #3 in Puerto Nuevo. I was wrong. They finished everything on the table then cracked open the tequila bottle to celebrate an awesome day. As it should happen, that’s when the traveling mariachi band showed up. Within seconds everyone at the table started dancing. Awesome sauce.

The awards galla is always held at Charly’s Taqueria at K-37. After another long epic morning session, I figured the ladies would eat and want to pass out. I was wrong again. A duet was setting up on the makeshift stage in the restaurant just as we were winding down with lunch and the awards. I knew if we didn’t get out of there before the first chorus, we were going to stay another hour or two. Well… we almost made it. For the next hour or so, the ladies took over the stage as backup singers, harmonic backup and as dancers. It looked like an MTV music award special!

This trip reminded me of the Baja of the past… where you can enjoy yourself without worry in Mexico and come back home in one piece. And that’s what the Baja Weekender trips are all about. I thank you all for making this trip a very memorable one. Yes, SUP surfers know how to party.

Hard off the bottom. All alone for two hours. Wide open in Baja. Epic group right there. Tequila hunting. Lobster and music in Baja. SUP surfing Baja.