Tweaked Back. Now What?

 by Manny Vargas I’m 43 years young and this morning I was out at Terra Mar catching some fun three footers. But then it happened. I was paddling over a wave and the lip was able to hit my back foot as my upper body was moving forward.

Now, I’m laying on my living room floor as I type this. I’m doing my best to ease my sore lower back which is on the verge of seizing up.

I know I have to make some changes to my life to adjust to my new desk job. Sitting on my ass for eight hours and another one to two commuting is what I’m dealing with. Haven’t done that since 2000!

I know I have to stretch. I know I have to lose a few pounds. And I know I have to get on a paddling routine.

So I’m asking Bob and Sasha to share this on the West Coast Paddle Sports Facebook page in hopes of getting some ideas on stretching, best eating practices and any free paddle sessions around south and north counties.

I know your comments on the Facebook page with suggestions will not only help me out but others that may be looking for the same things.

Please comment away. I’ll be waiting.

All I want to do is paddle.

All I want to do is paddle.


The downward fox stretch isn’t working for me.


Uh yeah… need to cut this out of the diet.