Kai Ko'o Hybrid Puhi Outrigger Paddle

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Meet the Puhi 2.0 Hybrid Outrigger Paddle. We've taken the original Puhi Hybrid Outrigger Paddle and tweaked the design a touch. We feel the new Puhi 2.0 Hybrid Outrigger Paddle is a better version. 

The new design features are:

  • A continuous curve from the fulcrum (bend) to the tip, this gives the blade a quiet entry into the water and enables the paddler to load the water right away on the blade and continues through the stroke
  • The edges have been trimmed up and made thinner, again for a quieter entry into the water, as well as a cleaner look
  • The shoulders of the blade have been brought in slightly to help with the design and look of the blade
  • Comes in matte finish only
  • A double bend wood shaft is standard at this time
  • Sizes 47" through 52" 

Blade size - 9.5" x 18" - 14 degree bend 

Weight - 18-19 oz (Depending on length)

Wood Double Bend Shaft Only