Always Have A Back Up Leash String

Hey, what’s up people? Manny V here.

We’ve all done it at least once. The waves are bigger than usual and its obvious you should slap on a leash.

You run down to the water line and that’s when realized you loaned out your leash and it was returned sans leash string. Dammit.

Here’s a couple quick tips on how to keep a couple back up strings with you at all time.

You can pick up a roll of good string at Home Depot for fairly cheap. It’ll last you a while.

Now, check the pics and don’t be left holding a worthless leash.

Back Up String

Double them up and leave them on the board. But only use one while surfing.


Super Back Up String

Most leashes nowadays have a key pocket to store your car key. Add a back up string in there too. You’ll still have room for your car key.

Rail Saver

The wide nylon part of your leash is called a rail saver. It helps protect your rails when your board is pulled.

Posted on: March 16th, 2015 by Manny Vargas