The ORIGINAL (not a copycat) UV cover from Topless Boardbag

An essential UV protection that keeps boards over 30 degrees cooler versus UNCOVERED boards baking in the sun . Made with thick HEAVY DUTY polyester and Spandex material, stretches up to 1.5 feet, conforms to any shape of board. Double material on nose and tail for added protection with  reinforced single fin slit. There is a 1/4 inch Heavy Duty bungee cord in the hem for a nice snug fit. Screen print logo NOT heat transfer (heat transfer peels off).  To get the best protection for your board, buy the BEST.

Made in AMERICA 

Conforms to any shape of board 

Slips on in 10 seconds

COLOR GREY - Essential for Carbon Fiber boards.

NOTE: If you have a fatty 14 footer that's 29" or wider you need our Touring/Flat Water 14 footer - Please Email any questions regarding your board size issues.

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