Starboard SUP Travel bag 14'0" Narrow

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The Starboard SUP Travel Bag is the perfect match for protecting your composite board whether that'll be for on the go or for protecting it from UV damage and scratches. This board bag is there for you. This board bag has a RPET 450D outer fabric layer, made from recycled plastic bottles that have been chopped into flakes, washed, melted and extruded into yarns and finally spun into fabric. Starboard has committed to reusing waste that would otherwise be ended up in our oceans and landfill. 

The Starboard ReCover are flipped inside out, creating a lighter bag with double thickness padding along the rail edges, ensuring the board is protected at all costs as well as eliminating the need of having extra reinforcement webbing that would otherwise make the bag heavier.

The Starboard SUP Travel Board Bag is perfect for on the go, as it is very thick ensuring the safety of the board as well as including compartments for fins and other accessories in the board bag. 

The YKK Zippers are great with the board bag as it is non-corrosive, placed away from the edge and helps reduce the weight of the bag even further. The use of these zips are placed away from the edge to protect your board's rail from damage, as well as removing the need for an overlapping layer of zipper protection.

The 2021 Starboard 14'0" Narrow SUP Travel Bag measures - 

  • Length - 14.5 / 442 cm*
  • Width - 28.7" inches / 73 cm
  • Thickness - 11" inches / 28 cm

The 2021 Starboard 14'0" Narrow SUP Travel Bag fits - 

  • Starboard 14'0" x 19.75" Sprint
  • Starboard 14'0" x 21.5" Sprint
  • Starboard 14'0" x 22.5" Allstar
  • Starboard 14'0" x 23" Allstar
  • Starboard 14'0" x 23.5" Sprint
  • Starboard 14'0" x 24.5" Allstar