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9’0″ x 29″x 4.2" 128l PRO XL For a fast entry into all sizes of waves with speed and reactivity. Dedicated high performance for surfing. Short length and narrower width increases speed, responsiveness and acceleration to throw the most radical maneuvers.
    Maximum maneuverability, speed and control for higher skilled riders. Scaled up PRO riders shapes gives PRO performance to all rider weights.
    Thinner rails, narrow outline. Low volume and fine rails totally aimed at highest surfing performance.

    Target rider: Intermediate to high skilled riders up to 115 kg.
    Key features: Narrow outline with thinner rails for rail-to-rail transitions and generating more speed.  Pointed nose and squared tail. Tail kicker pad to push turns.

All feature diamond grooved traction pads with tail kick pad with raised center ridge.

Mono Concave with curve at the tail

Quad plus 1 fin set up