Rainbow Men's Black Premier Blues - Single Layer Premier Leather with Blue Midsole Sandal

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We took your favorite, your go to sandal; and put a splash of color in it. The top sole and strap are made with top grain nubuck leather. The stitching used in the strap not only matches the blue midsole, but is made with bonded nylon thread. The toe strap features our original box X toe piece and our original Rainbow® woven label. The bottom sole features our original Rainbow® non-slip bottom. We’ve also added a thin layer of pin line under the arch for a sleeker look.

  • Single Layer Arch
  • Premier Nubuck Leather
  • Blue Midsole
  • Embossed Rainbow® Logo
  • Double Stitched
  • Nylon Toe Piece
  • Box X Toe Construction
  • Blue Bonded Nylon Thread
  • Triple Glued
  • Non Slip Rainbow® Bottom
  • Original Rainbow® Woven Label
  • Lifetime Rainbow® Guarentee

The single layer Premier Blues are made of top grade nubuck leather top sole that is embossed with the Rainbow® logo. The 1" strap, also nubuck leather is double stitched, and the nylon toe piece is secured with a box X stitch, all using blue bonded nylon thread that matches the blue colorful midsole!

The single layer midsole and arch support is triple glued for maximum durability to our non-slip Rainbow® bottom. We splashed in some color in the blue midsole and matching thread throughout the sandal. We finish it off with the original Rainbow® woven label on the right strap, the mark of a genuine Rainbow® Sandal.