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Surfing Foilboard

A brief overview. In general you can ride smaller volumes than you would in surfing. For instance, if you ride around 27 liters surfing, you may be foiling with 24 liters. The foil really helps keep the board very stable when you are paddling so it doesn’t feel small.

The boards have a completely flat rocker where the foil is attached. The foil is 90 degrees to the board and when paddling. When foiling it creates neutral lift.

They have a nice entry for bouncing off the water and beveled rails to bounce off when you are in turns and hit the water. The tail bevel acts the same, allowing you to ride a longer board and yet the board will not touch down in the tail and hit as quickly.

The boards also have a concave deck with a kick tail that acts as a skateboard tail in that you have something to push off of when turning. It also put your back knee in a better position to foil.

We would suggest putting the foil centered to start and move it back if you want less lift, and forward if you want more lift. For smaller waves move the foil forward, for bigger waves move it back

The Drifter Pro comes with a deck pad and without straps.

5’10”. Entry level. The 5’10” is entry level or a board for a much bigger guy. You would consider going away from this size once you get past the learning phase. It’s nice to have this board to learn as it helps control the foil more with its added length and width.

5’5“. Advanced. The 5’5” would be the board that you would keep advancing with, as it offers a little less volume and is a little easier to control in turns. It could also be used for a bigger guy as an all around board. You would go away from this board once you are riding smaller and more radical sizes for the next step.

5’0“. Very advanced. The 5’0” would be a good all around board once you have learned and want to progress. A wonderful board for someone of average weight and good skill.

4’10“. Professional. The 4’10” would be the board you guys would go to once you have the glide down and are turning and very comfortable. This is the board for once you have the skill to pump and go.

Pro Hydrofoil Surfing

ISS, Integrated Stringer System. The dual finboxes of the foil tie directly into these high density foam stringers, seamlessly connecting the base of the mast with your stance and the board, tail to nose, so wherever you step, you’re good to go, and so is your board.

TwinpairTM Carbon Exoskeleton. Literally working in melted conjunction with the ISS, these dual carbon strips finish off the highest grade flex control we’re giving these foil boards. There’s no wobbling, no lag, no softness. These boards are as crisp and direct and modern as it gets.

MFC Deckpads. The Drifter Pro comes with a deckpad made up of a super grippy tail pad incl. kick, a light mid section, as well as a front section for excellent hold and drive throughout your every move.


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