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Power Flex is a Pro Teck Fin with a medium core flex. The fin bends on turns, and then springs back, creating forward thrust similar to a swim fin. The medium flex core and flexible trailing edge makes the board turn smooth and fluid, with continuous speed.

 Power Flex Center FinPro Teck Fins are surfboard fins with flexible leading and trailing edges designed to enhance board performance and reduce fin cuts. The flexible trailing edge allows the water to flow smoother with less turbulence off the fin. The flexible edge also creates a "rudder action" as the water pressure bends the edge, creating tighter and more fluid turns, similar to the fins of dolphins and sharks. The flexible urethane edge also greatly reduces fin cuts compared to conventional hard edge fins.
Pro Teck fins are available in a variety of models for all levels of surfing, from the rigid core Performance, medium core Power Flex, and the flexible Super Flex fins.

Sizes: 7", 9"