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MOTIONIZE BOARD TRACKER: The only product out there to provide instant feedback about your stroke, SUPerior will allow you to see how minor changes in your movements affect momentum and glide. Compatible with and easily installed on all paddle and board types, our system will help you achieve your goals whether they be reaching the podium or strengthening your core.

We utilize your smartphone’s capabilities to provide real time visual and audio feedback. You can position your phone in view and track your movements throughout the session, or keep it in your pfd and receive full performance review audio cues. The system will also help you set training goals and motivate you to reach them, all while listening to your favorite workout music.

See the distance covered and your route on an interactive map. Track your speed and the number of strokes per minute to find the paddling pace that is best for you. SUPerior provides a real time view of your stroke count and water entry angle for of the board, combined with data about the distance covered per stroke you will be able to optimize your stroke for maximum efficiency. Heart rate (HR strap not included) and calorie burn information will allow you to pace or push yourself to achieve your fitness goals.


• Paddle sensor battery: Lithium-polymer 3.7V 150mAh, 5h operation time
• Connectivity: Bluetooth Smart® (BLE)
• Compatibility: iPhone 5 & iOS 8 and up; Android 5.0 and up
• Materials: Super-durable fiberglass infused nylon