Melin 3 Hat Travel Case

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Traveling with hats can be a problem sometimes. Let's get real for a minute… who wants to throw your hat in your luggage or bag and let it get tossed around and all bent up. We found a solution and fixed this problem for all of humanity. Your Melin hat sits inside our custom travel case, keeping it protected from all elements, safe and clean, either on the go or at home. Stash it in your backpack, carry-on, luggage, etc.…  

  • 3-D EVA foam core in our proprietary design
  • Premium grade poly laminated outer material
  • Ballistic Nylon reinforced seam edges along with dual zipper closure
  • Custom branded zipper pulls
  • Low profile design capable of storing up to 3 hats for travel
  • Dimensions  20cm x 25cm x 15cm