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Fin Name Depth Area Base Rake
Stinger 7" 45" 7.75" 4"

One of Larry's most popular designs. This fin is versatile, stable, and fast.

This fin has been one of Allison Race Fins fastest Flatwater sprint fins winning Races lately on newer High volume boards like NSP, SIC, Starboard, Riviera and Infinity Whiplash. This fin has a lot of bottom 1/3 fin section to push off of for fast Projection with quick tip release by plan shape and not "S" Tip Flex. This fin design is what I would call a Hybrid Keel with it's Pivot combo Sweep Rake to be quick responding in Flat water conditions with weed shedding functions also. This fin is used by riders under 180 lbs on low rocker line 12'6" an 14' boards. The Stinger is also a good Touring Flatwater option with stability. The Stinger is also a popular Prone fin for a 12'6" board and under in board length giving you good tracking against cross currents along with good fast trim riding catching a swell. The Stinger Fin will fit boards using 8" or 10" fin box when using screwless "Clickit" locking option.

Colors available: Limited prints throughout the season - Call us for availability.