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JK Custom 8'0" x 29" x 4"

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This is a lightly used board in greats condition. 

Length: 8’0”

Width: 29

Thickness: 4”

Volume: 110 liters approx.

Earth Technologies (E-Tech) is an award winning environmentally friendly high performance surfboard and stand up paddleboard factory that is the first of its kind in the world. JK has teamed up with E-Tech for a special, limited edition series of boards for 2016.

These boards exclusively use Super Sap epoxy resin from Entropy Resins and also constructed using E-Foam recycled EPS from Marko Foam, and many different types of laminating cloths and stringers all to create a revolutionary, stronger, rock hard and extremely ding resistant board.

All of our surfboards carry the verified "ECOBOARD” seal.

Designed and manufactured in California.

JK has been in the SUP business for over a decade starting as a garage based hobby and growing into a true competitor and upstart brand in the industry. All boards are designed in Southern California in Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Huntington Beach and across the South Bay. A Team of surfers and experienced watermen have worked with JK to develop some of the best, affordable boards on the market. Utilizing years of experience in the industry, the JK Team has found new materials and manufacturing methodoligies to design and develop great products all at an affordable price.


With the Stand Up Paddleboard market growing rapidly, people are finding many ways to use their boards for a multitude of fun activities beyond the surf. JK SUP's have every area covered from big wave surfing to recreational flat water spots enthusiasts. There are new boards coming out regularly and check out the boards below which come in a variety of shapes and sizes for the professional, novice and beginners.