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Futures Fins now offers the popular Gerry Lopez GL2 in a full 5 fin set. The GL 5-Fin can be ridden as a thruster or quad, allowing users to change fin configurations based on conditions. Honeycomb construction offers great response and performs in all conditions. This fin is a great choice for paddlers of all sizes and abilities, making it one of the most popular SUP surf fins in the Futures line. With SUP boards being different, longer, wider, thicker and with the amount leverage a long handle paddle can give, one is able to exert considerable force when laying into a turn or cutback. All this adds up to requiring a special type of fin for SUP surfing and what you get is the Futures Fins Stand Up and Paddle GL2 5-Fin. Enjoy!
Futures Fins SUP GL2 - 5-Fin Thruster Fin Size:
Outline: Gerry Lopez
Height: 5.10 in. 12.95 cm.
Base: 4.22 in. 10.71 cm.
Area: 16.65 in.² 107.41 cm.²
Foil: Flat
Futures Fins SUP GL2 5-Fin Rear Fin Size:
Height: 4.34 in. 11.02 cm.
Base: 3.69 in. 9.37 cm.
Area: 12.25 in.² 79.03 cm.²
Foil: 50/50
Futures Fins SUP GL2 5-Fin: available in Smoke Hex