Fishplanx Land Paddle Set

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Land Paddling is a great way to commute and also offer a great work-out as a cross train platform. It also can be done pretty much anywhere. Just use caution when using in hill areas as going downhill can be something a beginner should build up your skill at. Our longboards are perfect for this sport as they are wide and stable and can be carried on public transportation, bike or your car and bus or train easily. We highly endorse the originator of this sport and use the Kahuna Stick” which is adjustable for different height riders and also again, easily transported. We will be posting up a video soon to learn how as well. Even if your not a big skateboarder, this is much easier to gain skill at especially on flat walkways such as beach or park paths. If unsure, please contact us and we help get you started and pick a board just right for your skill level. It is a great sport for all ages so get out and ride one!