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Fins Unlimited 9.5SRO Transparent Green

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EJ asked us to design a fin for the Catalina Race that would allow him to paddle without making constant corrections to account for a paddleboards tendency to stray off course when paddled on one side of the board for an extended period of time. Using the proven “Pivot” fin template raked back to shed light seaweed (Eel Grass) and adding a ramp to increase directional stability and weed shedding characteristics. Raking the fin lengthens the foils and increases the directional stability of the template. In the world of SUP fins where directional stability equates to fewer change-over’s between left and right strokes, longer foil sections equate to winning races. EJ Johnson and his partner Brandi Cumin won the Catalina, commenting that the fin was fantastic in its ability to maintain the board’s course with a minimum of left-right change-over. This fin also excels in the surf; catching and turning in the bump with ease as attested to by Zane Schweitzer.