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Lightweight race fin with a severe sweep for shedding weeds.

The FCS Weed Racing SUP Fin features extreme rake, narrow cord length, and 10" blade add stability and more strokes per side. Ultralight fin material construction, plus the ability to roll right over floating seaweed.

The FCS Stand Up and Paddle Weed Racing Fin is for those that SUP in nutrient-rich waters with a lot of kelp. The SUP Weed Racing Fin is a unique SUP template that helps the SUP'er to get through those kelpy days without getting hung up. It is also ideal for straight-line flat water and open ocean paddling. The added Performance of RTM also makes this fin lightweight and provides an impressive aesthetic. FCS has got you covered!


  • Severe sweep angle easily sheds weed
  • Ideal for straight-line flat water and open ocean paddling
  • Promotes higher single-side stroke frequency
  • Stiff and lightweight carbon skin UL construction
  • Includes FCS Smart Screw

Fin Specifications:

Base: 5.24" / 133mm
Depth: 10.24" / 260mm
Area: 37.20"² / 23999mm²
Sweep: 40.0º
Foil: 50/50

Fin Material:

This lightweight RTM construction draws on the strength of carbon to provide immediate response when loading up the fins and driving through turns. UL fins have a highly stiff flex pattern, for this reason, they suit fast surfing, and are favored by power surfers who like to perform explosive turns on critical parts of the wave.