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Futures Gerry Lopez SUP Quad Set

Narrow deep template designed for wide tail boards or larger surfers to provide hold and a responsive feel in and out of turns. An excellent baseline fin set to start off with.

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From the start, it has been a matter of adapting fins designed for regular surfing to the SUP boards. But SUP boards are different… longer, wider, and thicker. With the leverage of the long handle paddle, one is able to exert considerable force when laying into a turn or cutback. All this adds up to requiring a special type of fin…and here it is.

Futures Gerry Lopez SUP Quad Set Spec:

Front Fins

Height: 5.40″

Base: 4.44″

Area: 18.48″

Rear Fins

Height: 4.66″

Base: 3.99″

Area: 13.63″

“With some minor input from me in regards to templates, Future Fin Systems again has come through with spectacular fin models specifically for high performance SUP Surfing. Expertly engineered, perfectly foiled. Whether for a thruster, quad or a race fin setup, look to the Future Fin Systems for leading designs in SUP or any other surfing fins.” – Gerry Lopez

Futures Gerry Lopez SUP Quad Set Construction

G10 Honeycomb construction with drilled-out based for reduced weight. Honeycomb construction offers a great response and performs in all conditions. This fin is a great choice for paddlers of all sizes and abilities, making it one of the most popular SUP surf fins in the Futures line.