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Nothing is as great before a morning paddle or after an evening one, or heck during those cold foggy days than a beanie! Embroidered with our logo, and ready to go. Warm...comfy. You know you want one!

IVis Reflective Acrylic 8" Beanie:
Black with Silver Embroidery
Neon Yellow with Silver Embroidery
Neon Orange with Silver Embroidery

About Cali Paddler:

Cali Paddler is built for paddlers, by paddlers. We invite you to see how we got our start and learn about the "3Cs". And how our mantra to Be E.P.I.C. is so much deeper than just a cool adjective! See what makes us unlike anything ever done before!

Cali Paddler design and offer the coolest shirts, hats and paddling apparel in the state. Heck, even outside the state. But always keep it true to Cali, because that is who we are.

They also help bring California's paddlers together. Regardless of craft, region or how fast you are.

Cali Paddler support conservation efforts to protect and preserve our waters. Through supporting the efforts of like-minded non-profits, and our own initiatives!

Finally, they connect the companies who make their watercraft, paddles and accessories, the store owners, and the paddlers.