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BLACK PROJECT SURGE Large / TEXCARBON / RDS / MED75 / Slim /T handle / with bag

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The lightweight, powerful & responsive SUP paddle for surfers

The SURGE SUP surfing paddle is for paddlers who want catch more waves and surf better with less fatigue during long sessions. Whether you are hunting barrels on the North Shore or styling your local beach break, the Surge is designed to deliver power and comfort. Lightweight and durable, the Surge combines exceptional power, blade stability and dynamic flex to help you paddle faster into waves and enhance your surfing, while protecting your body from injury during long sessions.

The Surge was designed to meet SUP surfers’ specific needs and has become the paddle of choice for many APP World Tour athletes including; Mo Freitas, Leco Salazar, Wellington Reis, Lara Claydon, Vania Torres Olivieri and more.

Thanks to its high power to weight ratio and comfortable slim shaft the Surge is also the recommended paddle for SUP Foiling and is the paddle of choice for pioneers of downwind foiling including M20 Champion Annie Reickert, as well as Finn SpencerJeffrey Spencer and more.

Scooped Dihedral Blade Technology:

The Surge blade is designed to correct poor alignment often associated with fatigue and injury. The deep Scooped Dihedral shaping holds the water securely through the power phase, eliminating lateral blade movement and delivering force in a smooth, efficient manner.

The extension of the tapered scoop towards the toe allows the paddle to remain stable and deliver power, even if you fail to get the full blade in the water. This toe shaping also ensures a clean catch and efficient blade release.

Overall, the Surge blade design delivers a predictable, powerful and efficient paddle stroke that encourages the use of smaller, more agile blades.

Shallow Blade Angle Promotes Responsiveness:

The shallow 8° blade angle results in a direct and positive feel through the power phase. The lower blade angle allows paddlers to enjoy a more aggressive and efficient paddle stroke. It also results in a slightly shorter paddle length.

Structural Blade Stability:

The ridge along the front of the blade increases stiffness both vertically and laterally, resulting in increased strength. This structure helps the blade maintain better stability for a predictable feel you can count on.

TEXCARBON Construction:

The most striking aspect of the Surge paddle is the enhanced construction. Our Surge paddle line is equipped with a Texalium and Carbon shaft. Developed in San Diego, over time this material has proven to be superior–particularly for SUP paddles.

The increased impact resistance of Texalium helps protect paddles both on flights and in the impact zone. The silver finish also reflects UV rays, reducing sun damage and keeping the shaft cooler on the water—an important aspect for paddlers in excessively hot climates. Meanwhile, the textured Texalium shaft also enhances grip, while still being gentle on the hands.

We paired the new shafts with blades and handles in a red kevlar and carbon construction for a unique and sleek aesthetic. On the inside, we reconfigured our laminates to increase strength and reduce weight, while maintaining an optimized flex.

Shaft Diameter To Suit Your Hands:

The Surge paddle is available with both STANDARD (29mm) diameter and SLIM (26.5mm) options. With a range of flex options, each Surge paddle is custom tuned to suit your specific needs.

Lightest Surfing Paddle Available:

Throughout the design process, all unnecessary weight was removed. This effort has resulted in the Surge being the lightest SUP surfing paddle available. For example; a Surge Medium that’s cut to 69″ (175cm) is only 13.2 ounces (373 grams), approximately 50 grams lighter than any other high-end surf paddle.

This reduced weight translates into an improved paddling experience, while also being easier on your body.

Reduced Board Damage & Increased Safety:

We smoothed out all blade edges and incorporated our slim-line joint to make a sleek and efficient paddle.

The smooth blade edges increase safety, increases blade strength and reduces board damage. The slim-line joint system reduces drag through the water and prevents rail damage caused by hard edges.

Thanks to the design and construction, the Surge paddle is also one of the strongest SUP paddles you will find and enjoys a near-zero failure rate.

Benefits of Smaller, Softer and Shorter SUP Paddles:

Working closely with athletes and recreational paddlers alike, we developed the simple concept that when it comes to SUP paddles –– smaller, softer and shorter is better. Call it the Three S’s if you like, but the science behind this paddle philosophy is what inspires the paddles we create.

Unfortunately, far too many people in the SUP community are suffering from pain caused by paddling. At Black Project, we don’t want to be part of something that leaves people with back or shoulder problems, which is exactly why we’re spreading the word about size.

Designed and Optimized For Your Needs:

At Black Project, we don’t think you need to be a pro paddler to enjoy the benefits of a custom paddle. In fact, it’s why we offer the Surge in five blade options and four shaft options to best suit your specific needs. Choosing the right paddle might seem daunting at first, but don’t worry, we made it easy to identify which is the best option for your optimal paddling experience.

Shaft Diameter (mm) STANDARD (29) S L I M (26.5) S L I M (26.5) S L I M (26.5) S L I M (26.5)
Actual Size (cm2) 568 545 519 485 446
Actual Size (in2) 88.0 84.5 80.4 75.2 69.1
Paddler Weight (KG) 80 - 105 70 - 95 60 - 85 50 - 75 40 - 65
Paddler Weight (lbs) 175 - 230 155 - 210 130 - 185 110 - 165 85 - 140

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Paddle features:

  • Best for: Paddlers who want to improve their SUP surfing & stay on the water longer & catch more waves.
  • Suitable for: Advanced to professional athletes.
  • Sizes available: L87, M82, S77 & XS72
  • Shaft: TEXCARBON100
  • Shaft options: Standard & Reduced Diameter
  • Flex options: Medium & Soft
  • Handle options: T or Palm
  • Construction: TEXCARBON
  • Travel option: YES
  • Blade angle (degrees): 8°
  • Weight (gr / oz): From 350 / 12.35
  • Warranty: 1 year