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MALIKO – 100% Carbon SUP Race Fin
SUP race fin for increased stability, tracking, longer glides & speed in choppy & weed-filled waters

SUP Race Fin – The Maliko SUP race fin offers increased stability, enhanced tracking and higher average speed especially in choppy, shallow or weed-filled water. The Maliko is highly recommended for rough water conditions, downwind and ocean races as well as long-distance paddling on flat water. The Maliko SUP race fin is best suited for intermediate to advanced level stand up paddlers with a low to medium cadence. The Maliko will give you more resistance and help you stay on course and focus on your paddling. When the race conditions become ugly the Maliko will help you perform at your best. At 24cm (9.45 in.) and 278cm² (43 in²), the Maliko is the biggest fin in our range and offers the most tracking and stability. The increased area towards the tip of the Maliko SUP race fin generates a keel effect helping to help you keep upright and paddling. The Maliko SUP race fin will help you paddle a narrower sup race board and on rougher water than previously possible.
 The Maliko generates the most glide of all our fins, this means that you go farther with each stroke, enabling you to slow down your cadence and save energy.
The Maliko SUP race fin uses a proprietary fin foil to generate increased lift while adding stability, tracking, and efficiency so that every paddle stroke is translated into forward motion. The foil generates large amounts of lift with very low drag, the result is that you get the maximum speed with minimum effort. The Maliko is ideal for lighter wind downwind days where the added drive helps you to pick up speed quickly. The increased lift is also ideal for those paddlers new to downwinding on wider and heavier boards.

Our Pro Carbon construction uses RTM molding technology to produce the lightest fin possible at only 200 grams (7 ounces) while maintaining excellent stiffness and strength. Our Pro Carbon technology is so light that our fins float freely in the water.

Collectively the features of the Maliko SUP race fin ensure that you are going to paddle faster, with less effort and for longer than ever before.

MALIKO - Fin Features

    The ultimate speed with high lift / low drag for flat water, downwind and long distance racing
    Proprietary SUP race foiling promotes outstanding downwind performance with longer, more connected and more controlled glides
    Increased tip area to help improve board stability particularity in rough water and with narrow boards
    Enhanced tracking means more strokes between paddle switches
    45-degree leading edge rake angle for weed shedding
    Advanced SUP laminar flow foil technology
    Area = 278cm2 / 43 sq in
    Length = 24cm / 9.45 in
    Pro Carbon RTM construction for ultimate lightweight only 200 grams (7 ounces) +/- 5%
    Two different fin bases to fit all SUP race boards on the market
    Comes complete with a protective foam cover, high-quality brass fin plate, and screw