Huki S1-X Special Carbon Fiber Kevlar Surfski (Used)

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HUKI S1-X Unlimited Class Offshore Racer:

Newly developed during the summer of 2003 and introduced in October of the same year, the HUKI S1-X is the first surfski hull design by Jerry Montgomery, with some input from myself, Jude Turczynski. I wish I could take more credit for her than just being concept and detail director. She is brilliant. This surfski hull is our second commercial production shape to be designed with a computer.

The S1-X is meant to compete with popular top performers coming from South Africa, China and Hawaii and has led the world with new hull concepts that are now being copied and integrated by all our competitors. Her sleek narrow entry and exit will work with her long waterline to produce flat water speed. Her consistent rocker will ensure rough water performance. She can cut and hold a diagonal path across a wave better than any other. Her wide waterline at mid ship, deep seat and deep foot wells ensure that she will be very nicely stable when balance gets tough for others.

(From Huki Website)

21' LOA, 17" BOA
20' 9 " LAW, 15.6" BAW @ 180 Lb. paddler, static
Weights include 4" rudder:
22-23 Lb Vac'd Carb/Kev

Due to the nature of this surfski, we unfortunately cannot ship this item.