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We’ve stepped out from the dark and into the light! A new stylish paddle equipped with affordability and quality, the Trooper Fiberglass Paddle is featured in a polished white finish. This paddle performs and drills through the waters surface, while still maintaining a sleek and smooth glide. The Trooper is designed for all and every type of paddleboarding and is ideal for riders 5’0 to 6’6. Let there be ‘white”!!!

Blade Width 8.50 inches
Blade Surface 95 square inches
Angle 10.5 degrees
Weight 28 ounces

A strong paddle needs an equally strong blade. That’s why POP Paddleboards uses ABS technology to enhance the strength of the Trooper’s blade. An ABS edge  increases the rigidity and durability of our paddle blades, ensuring they can take a beating while reducing the chance of cracking, chipping, and puncturing. Low tide, rocks, and coral reefs just became slightly less of a threat.

The Trooper was designed, tested, and approved by a culmination of three minds with three different riding styles before any external testing is conducted. This insures that every product holds up to different riders in different environments.

The Trooper is constructed with the highest quality lightweight carbon fiber. We don’t just slap a phony carbon fiber veneer on our paddles; They are crafted from the ground up using an ultra-strong carbon fiber mesh weave that makes our paddles as light as they are strong so you can rider longer, harder, and faster.